This article will be a brief overview of GitHub and its powerful application as a project management and development tool.

GitHub is a massively popular web and cloud-based platform that allows for the storage and development of projects, project version control and hosting of codebase. It allows developers to build, collaborate, edit and debug projects from anywhere and hosts a variety of tools and open source best practices to more easily facilitate project development. GitHub does this primarily through Version Control and Git.

Version Control:

Version control allows developers to manage and track changes to a project’s code. It allows for individual…

The goal of this article will be to provide a brief overview of two of React’s most unique aspects, state and props. State and props work together to facilitate the broad modularity and power offered by the React framework. Both state and props are plain JavaScript objects and hold information used to influence the rendered material displayed on the DOM. Despite both state and props being similar JS based objects they work in distinctly different ways.


Props, short for properties, allow for the programmer to pass values along to both class based and functional components. These values can be anything…

This article will provide a brief overview on utilizing JavaScript to perform a PATCH request on the DOM. The PATCH request method is used to update or partially modify a source of data through HTTP. This is done via a multistep process and begins with a bit of variable hygiene.


David Scheibel

Software Engineering student at the FlatIron School

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